• Solar thermal assisted Milk Pasteurization
    • Solar thermal for hot water washing
    • Solar thermal based sterilization

Dairy industry is of crucial importance to India. The country is the world's largest milk producer, accounting for more than 13% of world’s total milk production. Heating water accounts for more than 30% of the energy in Dairy Industry of India. Apart from that Rising fuel prices have had a tremendous impact on milk processing industry now a days, the industry is constantly adopting various technologies to reduce operational costs the result of which various dairies have adopted low cost fuel as an option regardless the pollution &other unhygienic impacts. Today Milk processing plants need to transform &divert their attention to cleaner production/processing&need to opt for renewable energy as a source of fuel. One of such source is Concentrated solar thermal(CST) technologies.

The use of an appropriate solar technology can have a positive impact on the energy and environmental scenario of Dairy industry at a large. There are various solar thermal technologies available for dairy industries including concentrated solar thermal systems. The solar steam or pressurized hot water generated by ARUN solar boiler / solar thermal concentrator can be used in the following processes:

    • Solar thermal assisted Pasteurization
    • Milk powder
    • Can Washing
    • Cleaning in Place(CIP)
    • Crate washing
    • Sterilization

Clique Solar has received developmental support from the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and I.I.T. Bombay for its ARUN Solar Boiler Technology