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  • Research on awareness about solar thermal energy in the dairy industrydairy cliquesolar

    (Clique Solar’s contribution in support of the Solar Thermal Industry on the World Environment Day)

    100 million tones mean a lot of things. It means leadership, economy, livelihoods, society, energy and environment to name a few things.

    It also means a great opportunity and hope for the renewable energy industry especially solar thermal industry. The industry utilizes a substantial amount of thermal (heat) energy for milk processing (pasteurization, sterilization, spray drying, evaporation, etc.), which can be provided through solar energy. The report sheds some light on how ready is the dairy industry to solar thermal industry and CST in particular.


    Cross Connect

  • cross connect cliquesolar

    Even children know the value of renewable energy

    Earlier this year, an initiative caught our attention. While some may give it miss, pertaining to the low impact nature of the activity, we believe it is of immense value if the environment has to be preserved.

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